We are a company that is rooted in service. We support and inspire our network of entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to take their businesses to the next level. We are deeply committed to our communities and foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork.






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When John Jacobi founded Windermere Real Estate in 1972, he had a vision for the way real estate should work: anticipate and respond to the needs of buyers and sellers, and support the communities you serve. More than four decades later, John Jacobi’s humble beginnings have gone from a single office with eight agents to a network of 300 offices and more than 6,500 agents throughout the Western United States.



Windermere’s community of real estate professionals is our greatest asset. We have experts in all areas of real estate, from your typical starter home to condos, luxury properties, and new construction. While residential real estate is the mainstay of our business, Windermere also has offices and associates who specialize in property management, commercial real estate, and relocation services. To further facilitate the home buying process, Windermere has affiliated partners in certain regions to provide mortgage, title, and escrow services.



6,500+ AGENTS





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Windermere is committed to the communities in which we live and work. Through the Windermere Foundation, our annual Community Service Day, and a variety of community events, Windermere agents, owners, and staff work together to help build and sustain thriving neighborhoods.


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In 2020, Yelm Windermere will focus its energy in Yelm, South Pierce, South Thurston, Lacey and Olympia, and Centralia and Chehalis, in order to anchor our positive influence in the communities we serve.

Floyd and Melissa spent more than 30 years serving our great country, Floyd as a soldier, enlisted and officer and Melissa as a wife and community leader. Floyd retired in 2016 and continued to serve as a contractor for the US State Department and the United Nations in Africa. In 2017 they decided to shift their focus to where they live, Yelm, Washington. In January 2020, After three years as a real estate broker they were given the opportunity to purchase the Windermere office in Yelm. Even though 2020 has started out rough they still have their eyes set on the future of how they can make a difference in all the communities they serve.


We are in real estate to leverage our business to a make a positive mark in the communities and people we serve.

Yelm Windermere is the leading real estate office in South Puget Sound, known for its expertise, professionalism and community support.   

We believe principles are the foundation to any organization and person, they never change. Yelm Windermere's principles are: Integrity , Courage, Positive Attitude, Calm Demeanor, Giving, and Adaptability.

We believe what an organization values will determine their focus, our values are Community, Relationships, Team, Educational, and Be Purposeful.

We believe our team members must embody and or at least be willing to work on these personal attributes to be a part of the Yelm Windermere Team


  • Mental: Self-discipline, Judgment, Self-confidence, Cultural awareness
  • Physical: Body language, Professional appearance 
  • Emotional: Self-control, Balance 

We believe our team members must have these skills and/or be willing to work on them to be able to proficient to be a part of the Yelm Windermere Team.


  • Interpersonal: Communication, Negotiations   
  • Conceptual: Critical reasoning, Creative thinking, Ethical reasoning,Reflective thinking, Technical knowledge

Being relatively new to real estate we believe the industry is flawed by taking to much of realtors hard earned money and giving nothing back in a manner of value for what they pay.  We will not be the lowest cost (can't beat per transaction fees), but we will make up for it in experience, service, team environment. 


  • In 2019 our office sold more than $118.5 million dollars of real estate.
  • There is over 200 + years of combined experience in the office
  • Windermere Corporation provides all brokers a Personal website (IDX), email address, Customer retention management system, Comparative Market Analysis tools, Referral program,Marketing tools, and more
  • Yelm Windermere provides Lead Generation through Zillow, OpCity, Property management and with our unique and very known location, Floor time.(walk-ins, calls,emails and website)
  • We believe our strength is in our training programs and that a good broker will conduct at least 5-7 hours a week learning something new. Windermere Corporate,  provides Clock hour opportunities, Industry upkeep, Ninja, marketing classes and more.
  • Our office will provide clock hour opportunities (NWMLS in the office), Ninja ,New broker mentorship (90 Day onboarding), Guest Trainers

We truly believe brokers pay to much to the "company" for what they do and not getting the value for what they give, not here. Yelm Windermere is out to break that mold, give us a call.  360-458-0102.


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