The Windermere Way

"If companies had personalities -- and most assuredly, they do -- then Windermere is a nimble, brainy contender with a good heart, a stubborn allegiance to integrity, and a belief in the power of trusting human relationships."

Stay Calm, Smile, Have Fun.

These were the very core beliefs held by those who pioneered the Company. These values still run deep among today's owners and agents. Certain to endure, that culture is personal and relevant every day.

This is a tangible difference you feel when you walk into Windermere Yelm. Happy, productive, committed professionals -- leaders in our industry. Knowing the pulse of the marketplace, keeping abreast of its daily changes and challenges and always representing your Interest with precision and respects.

Our Realtors are active and connected to the community. Many participate on City Commissions, Board, outreach programs, and sports -- giving them a relationship with the people and area the serve. A unique mix of personalities, what we have in common is our steadfast dedication to our real estate careers.

On of the core beliefs of its founds was that agents don't compete with each other, but instead work toward the same professional objectives.

We enthusiastically strive for this, in our relationship with each other, and the other agents we work with

Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a property, you will have a wonderful experience at Windermere Yelm.